This pool is managed by a Senior Security Engineer with 10 years in Information Security. I started this pool because I believe in Cardano's vision and inevitable growth. For full transparency, this pool is hosted on AWS for now because I'm evaluating moving at some point this year. When I'm settled, I will move this pool off of AWS and onto my own hardened servers where I can continue to guarantee 24/7 uptime 365 days of year.



You'll need at least 3 ADA (1 for delegation, 2 for delegation fee that will be returned once you've unstaked)

Next you'll need the Mobile & Browser Wallet (Yorio) or Desktop Wallet (Daedelus).

Lastly, you'll need to find us under Stake Pools in either wallet (ticker RAVEN) and Delegate to this pool.



I'll never ask for your address nor will I ever have access to your ADA. While delegating to this pool, your ADA will always remain in your wallet and you are free to unstake at any time. No pressure.



The rewards will vary per epoch based on how many blocks the pool generates.

If you want to get a good estimate, I recommend checking out the official calculator here.

The fee for this pool is 1.337% of the rewards you earn to help with the maintenance cost.

I'll never increase the fee of this pool.